Early spring elopement in beautiful Paris

A few visuals from the elopement of Jay and Veronica that we produced early spring in beautiful Paris. You will find a few more photographs at Olivier’s website from WeddingLight Paris. It is nice to our couples celebrating their love in the city. The day was simply perfect. They had a wonderful time with our photographer. Veronica had an eye on a classic 2 CV that she had seen in some old French movie. They sealed their unions on the steps of the museum Galliera in the 16th arrondissement of the city. The ceremony was followed by a photo session in the streets of Paris with Olivier.

It had rained all week and we were a little edgy about the weather … As it turned out, it felt like summer all afternoon. After three hours of photography around town, they had a glass of champagne at one of the terrace of the gardens of the palais royal. We had made a reservation for them at the Grand Vefour restaurant, one of the best table in Paris! 

Lovely day, with a wonderful couple.

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Parisian style – A stylish affair at the Ritz and the Crillon hotels


Wedding Party at the Ritz, 1920

A Wedding at a Historic Hotel

Finding a venue is often the biggest challenge in planning a wedding. The venue provides the backdrop and atmosphere to the culmination of a love story, and can play an important role in transforming the evening into a magical experience. Pragmatically speaking, the venue dictates the possibilities in terms of sound equipment, lighting, catering, and accessibility. It also has to be conveniently located near accomodation for guests coming from far away, as well as the couple’s nuptial sleeping arrangements. Orchestrating communication between guests, staff, catering and decor is a fine balancing act, which certain hotels have mastered to perfection. What could become a long and tedious list of concerns is immediately simplified when selecting a hotel as one’s wedding venue, and particularly when choosing one of the world’s most renowned names in hospitality.


The Garden at the Ritz

The Ritz, at 15 Place Vendôme, is over a century old, and came to represent the peak of luxury during the Belle Époque. It still holds many echoes of Paris’s most romantic past. Coco Chanel lived at the hotel for more than thirty years, in convenient proximity to the Chanel flagship store across the street. Ernest Hemingway, Princess Diana, Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Audrey Hepburn, and Marcel Proust were all regular guests. Its impeccably high standards have earned the hotel a reputation as the greatest hotel in Europe, and its classical architecture seems to set the scene for a fairy tale escapade. The hotel has been featured in many novels and films, as a romantic location imbued with the mystique of its history. The only Chanel spa in the world is located within the hotel, offering aromatherapy, massages and facials. With a promise to make skin glow from within, it’s the perfect place to get pampered before the big day.


The Chanel Spa at the Ritz

A wedding at the Ritz would begin with the wedding ceremony, which could take place in one of its many beautiful salons, or in the hotel garden. The hotel would take care of making each transition seamless and graceful, in guiding guests to their seats, as well as having champagne ready as soon as the festivities begin. After the ceremony the party would move to the hotel’s Psyché Terrace for a cocktail hour, synchronized to coincide with the sunset. Once the sun has gone down, dinner would take place in one of the hotels larger Salons, set-up with a long dining table or many round tables, at which guests would enjoy an amuse-bouche followed by a three course wine-paired menu created by Michelin star chef Nicolas Sale. The wedding cake could likewise be designed to your taste by pastry chef Francois Perret. The hotel’s imperial suite is listed as a historic monument in its own right, and the venue offers a setting unparalleled in elegance, decorum, and attention to detail. A wedding for 20 guests with these services would cost 11,850 €.


Le Salon Psyché at the Ritz

The Hotel de Crillon, on the borders of the Place de la Concorde, inhabits a building commissioned by King Louis XV in 1755. Originally a private mansion, the building once hosted a young Queen Marie-Antoinette receiving piano lessons, as well as Benjamin Franklin’s meeting with French diplomats to sign the first trade agreement between America and France. The Bal des Debutantes, one of Paris’s most important social events, was held here for 20 years. The hotel is a historic masterpiece, bringing together the past and the present with a combination of antique furnishings and modern design. With Suites designed by Karl Lagerfeld himself, and ceilings reinforced to support bathtubs carved out of blocks of solid marble, the hotel has redefined luxury. Every guest is assigned their own butler upon check-in, the swimming pool is tiled with 24ct gold leaf mosaics, and the hotel bar offers 213 varieties of Champagne. The Hotel de Crillon has however spent most of its history perfecting the art of hospitality, catering its guests every need and carefully tailoring each experience.crillon-paris

Stairwell at the Hotel de Crillon

The Hotel de Crillon has several Salons suitable for a ceremony. The Salon des Aigles is a monumental ballroom decorated with Greek muses, boasting two balconies facing the Eiffel tower. The League of Nations first meeting was held in this room in 1919. Adorned with majestic paintings of battles that took place on Place de la Concorde, the Salon des Batailles is a ballroom offering panoramic views over Paris. The Salon Marie-Antoinette features an authentic Aubusson tapestry, and boasts a terrace overlooking Place de la Concorde. The wine cellar, where 40,000 bottles of wine are stores, is suitable for more intimate gatherings. The hotel also has 138 sq meters, or 1485 sq feet, of outdoor space available. They offer bespoke catering, allowing you to design a menu to your liking with the help of their award winning kitchen team. There are also four restaurants within the hotel. A wedding at the Hotel de Crillon for 20 guests, renting out two of their salons, would come in at 14,500 € .

crillon-paris-salonSalon Marie-Antoinette at the Hotel de Crillon

Both hotels have just come out of extensive renovation projects that have equipped them with state of the art infrastructure while maintaining their historic character. They have the experience and resources to plan events of the highest caliber, ensuring that your wedding day is one without hiccups or worries. From syncing up audio visual equipment, to organizing live music, and orienting lost guests, these hotels have seen it all and have staff expertly trained to simplify your life. This peace of mind is invaluable, and would help any couple reach a state of marital bliss.







Restoring the Wedding Bouquet

Night and Sleep - Evelyn de MorganEvelyn De Morgan (1855-1919), Detail from Night and Sleep (1878), oil on canvas, 42 × 62 cm, The De Morgan Centre, Guildford, Surrey, England.

Plants have been a part of human wedding rituals for more than 2000 years. Garlands were used in ancient Greek and Indian Varmala ceremonies as a symbol of unity between the bride and groom, and Roman brides carried arrangements intertwining herbs with flowers. They used dill and garlic to ward off evil spirits, olive branches to honor the goddess of fertility, and orange blossoms as a promise of virtue. We’ve grown
less superstitious since, and most brides tend to pick their flowers with color and scent in mind. But in thinking of marriage as a ritual to celebrate and commemorate the harmony between two individuals, it makes sense that the accessories to that ritual should be thought out with their symbolic value in mind. Parisian Floral Artist Miyoko Yasumoto is doing just that.

Paris dried wedding bouquet

Her arrangements appear as the magical creations of a fairy living among humans, pairing whimsical wildflowers with dried grasses and herbs. She uses both fresh flowers and dried blossoms, which she believes
represent a strong union more accurately than fresh flowers alone. Fresh flowers are lush and
vibrant, like the beginnings of love. But dried flowers are preserved and last longer. They contain seeds which will lead to fresh life when watered. This duality mirrors the faith one has in the relationship itself, that it will endure through good times and bad.

Paris wedding florist

These design principles are applied to center-pieces as well, as she encases combinations of moss, blooms and grass in translucent domes, giving the viewer the impression of observing a carefully curated eco-system. The practice of placing a bride’s flowers in a dome to preserve them after the wedding, or creating a “Globe de Mariée”, goes back to the 1800s in France.

couronne fleur mariage

Miyoko has approached the tradition with a modern twist, filling the domes with life as well as a poetic nostalgia. We tend to isolate the most spectacular moment in a plants life when crafting bouquets, as flowers represent their reproductive peak. But these domes mirror the balance and diversity found in nature. Landscapes containing the most colorful flora also contain plants that exist in symbiotic exchange with those organisms and provide them with the nutrients that lead to their bright colors.

Cloche verre fleurs sechees

Mosses retain moisture, wild grasses provide shelter to the insects pollinating the flowers, and small wildflowers
encourage the growth of other plants by improving the soil around them. These arrangements pay homage to the resources that allowed these “Gems of nature”, as Miyoko calls them, to thrive.

couronne fleur mariageHer flower crowns take the fantasies of childhood pretend games, and elevates them to an impeccable standard. Delicately woven strands of daisies, baby’s breath, and wisps of fern make for creations straight out of a midsummer night’s dream, with no disenchantment at the end. The wreath, when creating a full circle, is a symbol of eternity, and they have also been crafted and worn since ancient greek times.

Flower Paris wedding

The story goes that the god Apollo was chasing Daphne, a nymph, who in order to escape him transformed
herself into a laurel tree. Apollo accepted defeat, but vowed to always wear a crown of laurel as a symbol of his enduring love. Wreaths have since been made with a vast array of greenery, decorated with flowers bearing different meanings.

Flower Paris wedding

In a time marked by humanity’s tendency towards excess, Miyoko’s flower work demonstrates a graceful sensibility to the charm of all plants. The noise and chaos of loud and extravagant bouquets is stripped away to reveal a lyrical beauty in simplicity, the interaction between elements becoming more important than the individual parts. The bouquets come to be more than decorative accessories to an outfit or table, and are
echoes of the hopes and values the couple aspires to uphold. And what better place to showcase the aesthetic value of interaction, resilience, and variety, than in a weddings’
floral arrangements?

paris destination wedding flowers

Miyoko is based in Paris and all images were sourced from her Instagram,
@une_maison_dans_les_arbres, meaning a house in the trees.

Her instagram is simply gorgeous. She has just been chosen as one of the most inspirational wedding trend to follow.

Elopement at the Shangri-La hotel

It is always a real privilege to produce a wedding at the Shangri-La hotel. The Shangri-la is certainly one of the most amazing Parisian luxury hotel with fascinating views of the Eiffel tower on the champ de mars. S+ M had decided to elope to the city of light. They had a very intimate wedding ceremony at one of the hotel suite. I’ll just let you enjoy some of the photos from the day taking from our photographer at WeddingLight.  You may wish to visit Olivier’s website to see a larger selection of this beautiful set of photographs.

If you are considering an elopement in gorgeous Paris, reach out to us. It will be a pleasure to plan your Parisian adventure.

Here a few more photographs of this luxury Shangri-La hotel elopement.

Paris wedding videographer
Paris wedding videographer
Paris wedding videographer
Paris wedding photographer
Le louvre paris wedding photographer
Paris elopement
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Le louvre paris wedding photographer
Paris wedding videographer
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Shangri-la Paris wedding photographer
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Paris wedding planning services

Elope in Paris with Nick and Amanda

We wanted to share with you all a few photographs of Nichola and Amanda’s elopement in Paris. A simple, yet very elegant and quite moving event with a lot of fun & romantic moments now precious to all of us. Only remains beautiful memories of their day in the city of love and plenty of stunningly rocking photographs full of life taken by WeddingLight. You can visit Olivier’s website to view a more complete serie of Amanda and Nick’s  elopement photographs taken during the afternoon.

We organized their wedding ceremony in the gardens of the Palais Galliera located right across from the modern art museum on avenue de Iena.  Neither of them had traveled outside of the united states before. They flew to Paris, eloped the next day and went on travel adventure across the EU. First love, they had met when they were 19 years old. Seven years later decided to marry in Paris in a very simple and intimate manner to celebrate their love for each other. It was very touching to finally meet the two of them. They are full of life and have big dreams. We wish them a wonderful life together and great adventures across the globe.

Paris-family-photographerParis wedding photographerElope in paris with photographer weddinglightParis wedding photographerParis wedding photographerElope in paris with photographer weddinglightParis wedding photographerElope in paris with photographer weddinglightElope in paris with photographer weddinglightParis wedding photographerElope in paris with photographer weddinglightElope in paris with photographer weddinglightParis wedding photographerElope in paris with photographer weddinglightElope in paris with photographer weddinglightElope in paris with photographer weddinglight

Paris Park Elopements

When it comes to planning an elopement in Paris, one major aspect is choosing a location for the ceremony. Paris is truly the most beautiful city in the world, and narrowing down a location can be overwhelming not to mention finding within your budget. Luckily, the City of Love is home to dozens of parks that are not only gorgeous, but also completely free. Whether you envision a green and whimsical backdrop while you say “I Do” or the classic Eiffel Tower view, Paris has everything.
I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite Parisian spots that are absolutely perfect for a romantic elopement.

Galliera Palace:
The Paris Fashion Museum is the perfect location for an elegant wedding ceremony. This is a 5 minute drive from the Eiffel Tower. Jason and Levie tied the knot here and the photos are gorgeous.

Trocadero Park:

This spot is excellent for a classic Parisian ceremony. The park is green and the Eiffel Tower will be eye-catching in all of your photographs. Everyone back home will know you eloped to Paris at the first glance. Paolo and April were married here and you simply must check out the photos and video.

Square Jean XXIII:

This park is a true gem of Paris. Located right behind the Notre Dame Cathedral, you can’t deny the romance of being married by this iconic landmark. Steve and Shelby were married here and the architecture of the cathedral and the trees of the park look lovely.  

Parc Monceau:

Parc Monceau is located in the 17th arrondissement of Paris and is a favorite park of Parisian locals. This location is perfect for a garden vision and an authenticity that can’t be beat. Dennis and Roxanne held their ceremony here and the photos turned out just perfectly.


Gardens of the Palais Royal:

This park is located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris and is simply stunning. Enclosed in a courtyard, there is a fountain, beautiful green trees, flowers, and interesting columns that make for great pictures. Elyse and Trent were married here and the park was a beautiful backdrop for their ceremony photos.


These are just a few spots that came to my mind and I know there are countless. What are some of your favorite romantic parks in Paris?




Paris Wedding at the chapelle Expiatoire

Elle and David got engaged in Paris a couple of years ago and dreamt of a destination wedding in the City of Love ever since. They fell in love with the Eiffel Tower and the romance and magic of Paris. We have been working with Elle and David for two years since their engagement. Despite a few obstacles and last minute changes over the years, our flexibility and creativity helped make their wedding dream a reality. The photos speak for themselves and we had so much fun creating and organizing their dream day.

The wedding day began at the luxury hotel, the Four Seasons George V, where Elle and David got ready for the big day. The couple had separate suites so that Elle could be pampered and put on her gown in privacy. Elle wanted David to see her in her wedding dress for the first time at the ceremony as she walked down the aisle of the chapel.

The couple and guests arrived separately at the ceremony location — the Chapelle Expiatoire located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. This historical church is a true hidden gem of Paris and was the perfect venue for this small and intimate wedding. Two florists, Estelle and Miyoko, thoughtfully designed and arranged the stunning decor for the wedding day. They used a mix of pale peach garden roses, white hydrangeas, pale pink avalanche roses, and other spring flowers to bring out a whimsical color scheme and romance in the Chapelle Expiatoire.

The beautiful bride, Elle, walked down the aisle in her dazzling mermaid style dress with some help from her bridesmaids. Her dress was truly one-of-a-kind and made just for her by a fashion designer in Manila. The musicians, Myriam and Eve, played the harp and violin throughout the ceremony and created a sweet and romantic ambience. Pastor Jeff Powell, from the American Church in Paris, officiated the wedding and shared some beautiful words about love and commitment.


We LOVE the wedding video of Elle + David. I hope you will have as much fun watching it as we had producing the events of this now happily married couple!

After the wedding ceremony, the David and Elle, joined our photographer and videographer from WeddingLight for a photo tour of Paris. They spent the next few hours exploring Paris with the expert guidance of our photographer, Olivier. They first stopped at the Ile Saint-Louis, the Louvre, the Gardens of the Palais Royal, and the Champ de Mars to catch a few photographs with the Eiffel tower in the background.  And, of course because this is Paris, the Bir-Hakeim Bridge for even more gorgeous photographs with the Eiffel Tower.

After the photo tour of Paris, Elle returned to the George V hotel to change into her second dress. This is tradition in the Philippines, and Elle looked just as stunning in her reception dress as she did in her wedding gown. The bride, groom, and guests then continued on to the Shangri-La Hotel where a luxurious and elegant reception awaited them. This five star luxury hotel is located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris with the most magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower. Awaiting the wedding party was a cocktail hour on the terrace, and then a four course dinner of green asparagus, bream and Thai vegetable curry, and bourbon vanilla millefeuille, completed with a stunning wedding cake in the Salon de Famille room of the Shangri-La. This evening sounds perfect enough, but the wonderful staff at the Shangri-La had one last idea — They invited David, Elle, and the guests to visit a very special suite of the hotel where they could have a 180 degree view of the Eiffel Tower glittering at 10 PM, a sight anyone who visits Paris simply must witness. This day was pure magic thanks to the thoughtfulness and care of all of the people who made this wedding day possible.

We just received a few kind words from David this morning. We are so glad they experienced the most amazing day of their life last week.

“Thank you all. What started as an idea for Elle and I chatting standing on a bridge over the Seine two years ago finally came to be realized yesterday. Our much postponed and rescheduled event only happened because of your ongoing patient persistence and coping with my sporadic correspondence. Clearly my working life is chaotic or I would not have flown in only yesterday morning and now be in the car on the way back to the airport.

For the day itself thank you for the wonderful planning, all the finishing touches and thoughtful ideas. On the picture and video taking thank you for the effort and creativity and sheer determination to get the right shot. The attached picture is brilliant thank you. Sparklers – great idea!

Thank you again. Superb.”

What a wonderful wedding day in Paris with our clients Elle and David who flew all the way from the Philippines to celebrate their union in the  “City of Love.” This was truly a dream wedding — you can tell just by the gorgeous photos and the beaming smiles of the bride and groom.

We would like to thank our team of friends & trusted vendors; Fred and Muriel for hair and make-up of the bride, Olivier and Jerome for the fun and creative photography and video work, Laurent and Emmanuel our wonderful chauffeurs who took great care of everyone throughout the day. Thank you to Pastor Jeff from the American Church, who officiated the ceremony at the Chapelle Expiatoire. We would like to thank our florists Estelle and Miyoko for the decoration of the chapel. A very special thank you to Florence Apy who helped us organize the wedding reception for our lovely couple at the Shangri-La. And of course our very talented harpist and violinist, Myriam and Eve, who played a mix of classical and contemporary music at the ceremony and during the reception.

Verderonne castle Bohemian wedding inspiration board

With a surge in barefoot weddings, floral crowns, and rustic, outdoor ceremonies, bohemian themes are the latest in wedding trends. We visited the “chateau de Verderonne” located one hour from Paris. We found it to be the perfect setting for a gorgeous bohemian wedding very close to Paris. Both the ceremony and reception can take place outside in the meadow if weather allows. There is also a spacious barn that would suit a bohemian wedding perfectly. Another option would be to use the green house for the ceremony or possibly a cocktail hour. This makes for a truly unique experience.
The domain is located near the town of Chantilly just over an hour away from Paris. While the chateau itself is private, the barn, the picturesque garden, the glass green house and the meadow makes this location gorgeous.

Paris art gallery pre wedding party


After hesitating for a very long time in between having a wedding in Paris or New York ( The coin had been tossed over and over again ) our couple settled on the Hamptons after all. Thomas grew up in Paris and couldn’t resist the temptation to organize a pre-wedding dinner with family and friends at home before flying to the U.S for their wedding day. He settled a modern setting with Parisian art gallery set up. Above a few photographs of the evening with some nice memories of a beautiful get together.

Photo story : WeddingLight Paris

Paris luxury hotel wedding affair

Have you ever dreamed of a fairytale wedding? Well if you’re like me, you’ve fantasized about a grand and luxurious wedding day. These weddings are possible in Paris. Whether it’s a wedding ceremony at the Ritz or a dinner reception at the Shangri-La, your dreams can come true here in the city of love with the help of some of our favorite luxury hotels.

Last month our wonderful inhouse photographer photographed a stunning hotel at the Ritz Hotel at the Place Vendome. The couple Arnett and Lauren came all the way to Paris from Cincinnati and invited 60 guests to watch them tie the knot in style. They planned their wedding to the tee with the help of the incredible Ritz event staff. The bride chose pink peonies for her bouquet and wedding decor. Lauren looked stunning in her Mira Zwillinger gown with the backdrop of the elegant gold accents of the Ritz walls and the blooming pink flowers.

If you’re thinking of a luxurious Paris wedding like Lauren and Arnett’s, here are some of our favorite hotels in the city of light.

Ritz Paris Hotel at the Place Vendome
The Ritz Hotel offers different packages and options for the ceremony and reception. With wonderful chefs and staff, you are guaranteed some of the best service and food that Paris has to offer. Not only is there haute cuisine, the Ritz can accommodate each of your wedding guests with all kinds of amenities from babysitting to stunning rooms and suites. The Ritz has gorgeous ballrooms and salons for you to hold your ceremony and reception. If you’re looking for true luxury and tradition, the Ritz should be on your list of dream wedding venues.

Shangri-La Hotel
The Shangri-La Hotel in the 16th arrondissement is an elegant and chic hotel with a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower. From the lobby of the hotel to the many salons, the Shangri-La looks like a true palace. Their helpful and professional staff ensure that your experience is luxurious and truly memorable. Their wedding staff can accommodate everything from cocktail receptions for up to 500 people, to an intimate 8 person dinner in a salon. The Shangri-La simply must be on your list of Paris wedding venues to check out.

Four Seasons George V Paris
The George V is located mere steps from the Champs-Elysees and is quintessentially Parisian. From its vast art collection to its Michelin Star restaurant, the George V defines luxury and culture. The hotel staff will make sure that your wedding day is one of a kind. The chefs work with you to find a menu that meets your needs and tastes for your wedding day, after all, food is one of the most important parts of the reception. The grand salons are perfect for a dream wedding day and the George V staff takes care of everything so that you can simply enjoy the gorgeous decor and flowers. I can’t think of anything more romantic than a wedding at the Four Seasons George V.

Westin Paris
The Westin Paris is located in the true heart of Paris at Vendome. This hotel is located a few steps from the Tuileries Gardens and has a divine view of the Eiffel Tower. With thirteen wedding rooms to choose from and the capacity for 600 wedding guests, this is the spot for a truly unique and grand Paris wedding. If you really want to dream and have some fun, you can go on their website you can look at different salon and table setup options!

These are some of my favorite Paris hotels for weddings. With incredible accommodations and the French savoir-faire, you can’t go wrong with a luxury Paris wedding.

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