Restoring the Wedding Bouquet

Night and Sleep - Evelyn de MorganEvelyn De Morgan (1855-1919), Detail from Night and Sleep (1878), oil on canvas, 42 × 62 cm, The De Morgan Centre, Guildford, Surrey, England.

Plants have been a part of human wedding rituals for more than 2000 years. Garlands were used in ancient Greek and Indian Varmala ceremonies as a symbol of unity between the bride and groom, and Roman brides carried arrangements intertwining herbs with flowers. They used dill and garlic to ward off evil spirits, olive branches to honor the goddess of fertility, and orange blossoms as a promise of virtue. We’ve grown
less superstitious since, and most brides tend to pick their flowers with color and scent in mind. But in thinking of marriage as a ritual to celebrate and commemorate the harmony between two individuals, it makes sense that the accessories to that ritual should be thought out with their symbolic value in mind. Parisian Floral Artist Miyoko Yasumoto is doing just that.

Paris dried wedding bouquet

Her arrangements appear as the magical creations of a fairy living among humans, pairing whimsical wildflowers with dried grasses and herbs. She uses both fresh flowers and dried blossoms, which she believes
represent a strong union more accurately than fresh flowers alone. Fresh flowers are lush and
vibrant, like the beginnings of love. But dried flowers are preserved and last longer. They contain seeds which will lead to fresh life when watered. This duality mirrors the faith one has in the relationship itself, that it will endure through good times and bad.

Paris wedding florist

These design principles are applied to center-pieces as well, as she encases combinations of moss, blooms and grass in translucent domes, giving the viewer the impression of observing a carefully curated eco-system. The practice of placing a bride’s flowers in a dome to preserve them after the wedding, or creating a “Globe de Mariée”, goes back to the 1800s in France.

couronne fleur mariage

Miyoko has approached the tradition with a modern twist, filling the domes with life as well as a poetic nostalgia. We tend to isolate the most spectacular moment in a plants life when crafting bouquets, as flowers represent their reproductive peak. But these domes mirror the balance and diversity found in nature. Landscapes containing the most colorful flora also contain plants that exist in symbiotic exchange with those organisms and provide them with the nutrients that lead to their bright colors.

Cloche verre fleurs sechees

Mosses retain moisture, wild grasses provide shelter to the insects pollinating the flowers, and small wildflowers
encourage the growth of other plants by improving the soil around them. These arrangements pay homage to the resources that allowed these “Gems of nature”, as Miyoko calls them, to thrive.

couronne fleur mariageHer flower crowns take the fantasies of childhood pretend games, and elevates them to an impeccable standard. Delicately woven strands of daisies, baby’s breath, and wisps of fern make for creations straight out of a midsummer night’s dream, with no disenchantment at the end. The wreath, when creating a full circle, is a symbol of eternity, and they have also been crafted and worn since ancient greek times.

Flower Paris wedding

The story goes that the god Apollo was chasing Daphne, a nymph, who in order to escape him transformed
herself into a laurel tree. Apollo accepted defeat, but vowed to always wear a crown of laurel as a symbol of his enduring love. Wreaths have since been made with a vast array of greenery, decorated with flowers bearing different meanings.

Flower Paris wedding

In a time marked by humanity’s tendency towards excess, Miyoko’s flower work demonstrates a graceful sensibility to the charm of all plants. The noise and chaos of loud and extravagant bouquets is stripped away to reveal a lyrical beauty in simplicity, the interaction between elements becoming more important than the individual parts. The bouquets come to be more than decorative accessories to an outfit or table, and are
echoes of the hopes and values the couple aspires to uphold. And what better place to showcase the aesthetic value of interaction, resilience, and variety, than in a weddings’
floral arrangements?

paris destination wedding flowers

Miyoko is based in Paris and all images were sourced from her Instagram,
@une_maison_dans_les_arbres, meaning a house in the trees.

Her instagram is simply gorgeous. She has just been chosen as one of the most inspirational wedding trend to follow.

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