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  • WLE Meets: Professional Hairstylist, Muriel

    We met up with the lovely Muriel, our favorite  hairstylist, to get her expert advice on bridal hair for our destination brides in Paris. She recently worked with one of our clients at the Shangri La hotel; creating a different hair style for the bride and each of her three best friends. Despite never having met any of these lovely women from New York City before, the results exceeded all expectation. Everyone was thrilled with her work!

    We love Muriel because not only is she an amazing stylist but also extremely fun to work with. She is also very flexible and calm under pressure – what more could you ask for?Q. Tell us a little about your career: I’ve had a long and interesting career, I worked at the Ritz for 15 years styling VIP clients including members of royal families.  I style clients hair for many different occasions but I really love styling hair for weddings, and making sure the bride feels beautiful on her big day.

    Q. Are there classic wedding hair styles that never go out of fashion? The chignon will always be the most classic wedding style, having the hair up shows off the dress and gives a beautiful formal look. When I started as a hair stylist there weren’t many people specializing in bridal hair but chignons quickly became the staple look on the market.

    Q. Are there any popular trends right now? Young girls are much more interested in fashion now so they ask for a variety of different styles. The chignon is still popular but becoming more undone, people are also experimenting with more intricate ways of creating it and adding different accessories. More brides with long hair are also wearing their hair down in loose curls; I’d say the general trend over the past 5-6 years has been towards a messier less structured look.

    Q. Do you have any advice for future brides? The dress is the most important element; you need to know exactly what you’re wearing before you can think about how you want to style your hair. It’s important to choose something which is in keeping with your look and will show off the dress. Also try it out in plenty of time before the big day so you know everything will go perfectly. One time a stylist hadn’t fixed a chignon properly and the bride’s hair fell down as she was leaving the church which was a disaster. Make sure you have extra hair spray and clips to keep the style perfect for photos in all weather conditions.

    Q. How many trials does it take before getting a brides hair perfect? When I started out brides were generally happy with their hair the first time, but nowadays it can take up to 4 or 5 trials. That’s why it’s so important to practice far in advance. You should know yourself, and have an idea of how many times you think you’ll want to try before you’re completely satisfied.

    Q. Is there a big difference between doing French and American Weddings? I think there is a very noticeable difference between French and American weddings. Americans are much more ceremonious than the French which I like. I’ll do the hair for the whole wedding party and it gives a harmony to the overall look.

    Q. How do you differentiate your service from other hairstylists? I have years of experience in doing weddings, I know what brides want and can create a chignon without thinking. Even though I’ve been around a while I also keep up to date with new trends, and tailor the look  to exactly what the bride wants. There are a lot of stylists doing bridal hair now though which can make it difficult for clients as they have so many options and decisions to make.

    Photography by WeddingLight Photography
    English Speaking Photographer in Paris

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