Paris Outdoors

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Paris is a gorgeous city that instantly captures hearts from around the world day after day, year after year.It is easy to fall for the French capital’s stunning architecture and landmarks, impeccable gardens, charming cobble-stoned neighbourhoods, the lovely Seine River… For those who are eloping just as a couple or with a small group and are interested in having an outdoor ceremony with an iconic and captivating backdrop to say, “I do,” then these are the locations for you.Each space has its own magic and attraction; it is just about finding one that speaks to you and your special someone. WLE will suggest some of the most beautiful locations where you could hold an outside ceremony in Paris. Square Jean XXIII behind Notre Dame, the Parc Monceau, Passage Vivienne and the tip of the Isle St Louis are just some of the many little retreats where you could celebrate your union with your loved ones.

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