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  • Renting a Wedding Dress in Paris

    We often get requests from many brides about “Where can I rent a bridal gown in Paris”. We are happy to say that Paris has caught up to the American and Asian wedding markets when it comes to the idea of renting a wedding dress or a groom’s suit.  I remember not so long ago ( a little over 2 years)  how hard it was to find places that would rent and even fewer places would have a desirable collection at a decent price (the few places that did, were certainly not cheap).  No one really wants to argue over money, but when the price difference is so minuscule between the retail value and the rental value, it becomes pointless, and some what frustrating for couples visiting from abroad.

    wedding dress rental paris

    The budget factor is a big deal for many of my clients who are young couples travelling from America, Australia, Hong Kong or China; all locations where the local customs and culture makes it easy to rent a wedding dress that is both of high quality and inexpensive.

    To help our clients and put an end to all the frustrations, we’re excited to announce that we now provide a service in our packages that help you choose your wedding dress. Please note that this service does not stand alone, but can be included in your customizable elopement or wedding package. We work directly with a supplier that’s international and understands the customs of our foreign clientele.

    We would be glad to organize your wedding photoshoot for you in Paris including the dress, tuxido, photography as well as hair and make up with our selective vendors.

    We can help you find that perfect dress, as your wedding planner in Paris we’re here to assist you.

    Send us an email at info (at) weddinglightevents.com