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“I cannot thank you enough for making our wedding day perfect and special. Everything was perfect! I absolutely loved the bouquet and photography! The hair and makeup was perfect too! Olivier, our photographer, was very personable, efficient, and professional. I cannot thank you enough for all of your assistance throughout the planning process of our dream elopement in Paris. We love Paris and had a wonderful wedding, thanks to you guys ! Bravo ladies!”

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“We used WeddingLight Events for our Spring wedding in Paris. We could not have been more pleased! It can be quite a daunting task to plan a wedding in a far away country where you don’t even speak the same language. We put our faith in the WeddingLight Events team and they handled all the details for us. They got a clear idea of the type of wedding we wanted and then went to work lining up all the details from reserving the location to arranging the car and everything in between. Our flowers were brought directly to our apartment on the morning of the wedding and the hairdresser came to me to do my hair, as well. I was so relaxing to know everything was handled for us! The greatest part is that we communicated exactly what we wanted and that is just what we got — all within our budget! We had an even more memorable time after the ceremony, riding around Paris with Olivier having our pictures taken. He knew exactly where to go to get the romantic shots and also those with beautiful monuments in the background. We laughed so much and had the best time from taking over the carousel in front of the Trocadéro to stopping traffic to the shouts of ‘Congratulations’ and ‘bon chance’ from passersby with the Eiffel Tower in the background! The pictures are SO good and we will treasure them forever! The whole thing was a fairytale and we could not have made it happen without our friends at WeddingLight Events.”

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“Thank you! Thank you! I would like to thank everyone: Fred for the wonderful makeup and hair styling, Estelle for the beautiful bouquet, (which is exactly what I wanted), and Olivier and Marco for accompany us around the city to take so many beautiful pictures and video — I knew the photos would all be great! Last but not least though, Bert and I would like to thank the WLE team from bottom of our hearts for the planning of everything. Without your efforts, we would not have made anything happen here in Paris!”

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“Words cannot describe how absolutely amazing the Wedding Light Events team made our wedding in Paris!!!  Nor are words adequate in expressing our gratitude to the entire team.  Every detail had been planned out perfectly – from the rehearsal dinner to the wedding day activities including the flowers, hair, makeup, photography, ceremony, and reception dinner.  The team made sure that the atmosphere, hospitality, food and drinks were exceptional.  The experience of being married on a boat while it traveled down the Seine was beautiful and surreal; and all of the credit goes to Wedding Light Events. We will cherish these memories always… THANK YOU!!!”

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“Thank you for coordinating our wedding day. We had a spectacular time and will never forget that day and all you did to make it happen. I felt you were by my side and on my side the entire time and that secure feeling makes all the difference. Oliver was so fun and energetic, and is a true artist. Estelle was so sweet and friendly and I immediately fell in love with my bouquet. Our chauffeur Victor shared stories about the history of Paris and was a true gentleman. Graham and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you again.”

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I don’t really know where to start. We do miss Paris and everyone at WeddingLight Events. Our elopement was a dream come true — everything was so fabulous on our day and we just wanted to thank you all sincerely. We could not have imagined that everything could be so perfect. Every detail was better than we could have imagined… we could go on all night!! You assisted us to plan our wedding day and we love you for it. Your input was invaluable and will never be forgotten. Suffice to say that we were totally delighted in every way. Our only wish was that our Paris wedding could have lasted longer! Many thanks again.”


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