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Bride with Pink Veil

Q: Why should I hire a wedding planner in France?

A: Most couples these days are working professionals or are simply too busy to plan something as important and time-consuming as a wedding; especially one that is abroad. Wedding planning in France can be overwhelming and stressful even for the most organised brides and grooms. Moreover, if your heart is set on a destination wedding then most likely you are not in the same time zone as your vendors and probably do not speak the same language. For something as important and costly, it just makes sense to hire a professional to assist you during this special time. We have a network of relationships all over the city and work with only the best wedding professionals to assure that your day will be the very best that it can possibly be. Best of all, having a wedding planner means that you (and your family and friends) can relax and enjoy all the amazing experiences and emotions that come on your wedding day without the pressure and strain.

Q: Can I have a legal wedding ceremony in any venue of my choice in Paris?

A: Unfortunately this is not possible. In France, couples must be married by a civil authority before they can be married in a place of worship or other venue. This means that only the mayor of a town hall (Hotel de Ville or Mairie in French) is eligible to host a legal ceremony. Furthermore, you or your partner will have to prove (usually with a home phone or electricity bill) that one of you has lived in France for more than 40 consecutive days to be married by a civil authority.

Q: What are the alternatives if I am not able to hold a legal ceremony in France?

A: Most of our clients will have a civil ceremony in their country of residence before coming to France for their main wedding celebrations. We highly suggest this alternative as it makes things less stressful and complicated for the couple. Once here, there are three possibilities to consider: a religious ceremony in a religious place of worship, a religious ceremony held in a wedding venue or a non-religious ceremony held in a wedding venue.

Practically all of our clients opt to have a symbolic ceremony. We have several fantastic professional wedding celebrants in the Paris area who specialise in conducting ceremonies in any location of your choice. They are not attached to any one religious establishment and are very happy to perform both religious and non-religious ceremonies. To find out more about our wedding celebrants, please read an interview that we did with two of our most used professionals: Philippe and Susie.

Q: What makes you different from other wedding planners in Paris who cater to English-speakers?

A: At WeddingLight Events, we think beyond your wedding day and its timeline. We want the entire process to be a joyful and exciting experience, so that when your big day finally arrives, you can focus on the only things that matter: you, your partner and the love and happiness you both will share for the rest of your lives!

We care deeply about the ethics of our industry and want to provide only the very best for you. Unlike other agencies, we feel that the best events are designed with you and your personality in mind and not some pre-determined package that is given to every bride and groom. For this, a strong genuine connection is needed. We want to feel as comfortable with you as you do with us, so that we can do the best we possibly can for you and your partner.

Q: Do you do plan weddings elsewhere other than Paris?

A: Absolutely! If you are planning a large destination wedding, France offers many beautiful chateaux and stunning locations to hold a wedding for a day, or even a weekend-long event.

Q: What is the best time of year to get married in Paris?

A: Couples get married throughout the year here in Paris as everyone is looking for something different. Whilst January is often the coldest month, temperatures usually rise gradually from there until July. For the past two years we have been blessed with summer temperatures even in September and October too! Rain can be common throughout the year however Paris is still beautiful in the rain with its glistening sidewalks and dewy blossoms. Whatever time of the year you choose to be married, Paris will always be Paris whether the sun is shining or skies are grey because it always has that special romance, that special magic, that dances through the city and makes Paris the city that it is.

Q: What size weddings do you usually organize?

A: We find that our clients tend to ask for smaller events ranging from couple’s only ceremonies to wedding parties of around 50 guests. However, Paris and the surrounding areas are home to multiple venues that cater for large weddings of hundreds of people.

Q: Do you have exclusive partnerships with any particular vendors?

A: We work with the very best vendors and service providers that Paris has to offer. Whilst we most certainly have a preferred list, we do not have any exclusive partnerships. We select wedding professionals to recommend to brides and grooms based on their tastes and needs which of course vary from one couple to the next.

To learn more about some of our vendors and service provides, please read the WLE Meets posts on our blog. 

Q: What budgets do you usually work with?

A: For an elopement, we would recommend a budget of around 5,000€. This would include popular vendor choices such as an officiant, flowers, ceremony location, photographer, restaurant reservations, etc. and our planning fees. For an larger-sized weddings of around 50 guests, the budgets we typically work with begin at around 25,000€. However, we are here to help and advise, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with any budgetary questions.

 Q: How can your agency make my wedding one of a kind?

A: WeddingLight Events specialises in coordinating events that are reflective of your personal style and vision. All of our weddings are hand-crafted and personally tailored towards each particular couple, their personality, and most importantly their love for each other.

Q: How far in advance of my desired wedding date do I need to contact a planner?

A: Most couples tend to begin their planning process 12 months before their desired wedding date. However, if you are looking to book a popular ceremony or reception venue, 18 months ahead would be advised to ensure that that reservation is booked. For smaller events, such as couple’s only ceremonies, we can plan pretty last minute depending on the bride and groom’s needs and desires.

Q: How do we start the wedding planning process with you?

A: We want to know as much about you and your partner as possible. So the more information you can provide us, the better we can help you. We highly suggest having a chat either by telephone or via Skype. We want you to be comfortable with us and our ability to organise your event, so meeting you in whatever form is possible is very important. Once we can get an idea of the kind of event you are looking for, we can put together a proposal for you to browse through so that you can see what your options are and get a better idea of your budget if you have not already done so. Once you have selected your vendors and service providers, we will send you a contract for you and your partner to review and sign and we can then make arrangements for a 50% deposit of our planning fees. Please note that this payment is made by bank transfer only.

Q: Can we see examples of your previous work?

A: We have a large selection of previous weddings and of some of our past clients on our website and our blog. We highly recommend that you browse through both sites so that you get see what it is we do and if we fit yours and your partner’s needs as event planners.


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