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Everyone loves Cake – especially the Bride!   With the days of plain white tier cakes and plastic figurines well in the past, jaw-dropping Wedding Cakes are now seen as the only way to end a perfect Wedding Dinner.

With so many colours, flavours and detailing options to chose from, it’s easy to get a little lost.  We spoke to one of our favourite Parisian Cake Bakers, Synie of Synie’s to give you some guidance.  Chatting about her business, inspirations and knowledge of cake trends, she shared what’s hot Cake wise for your up-coming Wedding.  With her decadent designs having been featured across Style Me Pretty, French Wedding Style and many more top Wedding Blogs, this isn’t one to miss!



Hi Synie!  Great to get a chance to speak to you, we know you must be busy mid-Wedding season and all!  For our readers who may not know you as well as the team here at Wedding Light Events, could you tell us a little about Synie’s?

“Baking has always been a passion of mine – my first memory is actually of baking bread with my mother aged four. As a young girl, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen and loved coming up with recipes.  

 After having been in Paris for some time, I decided to turn this passion into a business and have been catering and baking professionally since 2004, becoming specialised in Wedding Cakes in 2012. 

 While we have a few ‘models’ that are available to select directly from the website, what we really like to do are personalised creations.  Whether it be through the combination of unique flavours chosen by the bridal couple or tailoring the cake design in order to fit the colour palette, the invitation suite, the wedding dress or theme, we make cakes that are as unique as the people that choose them.”


Your creations always look one-of-a-kind – now we know why!  Are there any of the cakes you’ve made that have particularly stood out to you? 

Paris Wedding Cake

©Catherine O’Hara Photography

 “Oh there are lots!  For me, though, I most enjoy creating new recipes through the combining and mixing of flavours.  For example, we had a couple who wanted their cake to reflect their different heritages and cultures from Brittany, France and the Caribbean and be incorporated into the actual taste of their cake.  We mixed tropical Rum and Vanilla with Salted Caramel from Brittany and the result was amazing.  Regarding design, so far this year’s most interesting design was a collaboration with the bride that resulted in a 7 tier towering white cake with a very interesting plaster-like texture, gold leaf and a contemporary arrangement of succulents, greenery and branches.”


Wow, it certainly sounds like some cake!  And what about your personal preferences?  If you were designing your own dream cake, what would it look and taste like?

 “I don’t honestly know.  I don’t have a ‘dream’ cake as such as I’m constantly trying out new designs and flavours so my preferences are always changing!  At the moment, I’m really into yuzu.  It’s actually a new flavour for us and hasn’t made it on to our official list yet but we using it in a Wedding Cake for someone this Season, so keep your eyes peeled!  I love citrusy flavours in general, so I think it would probably incorporate those in some way, too.  Aesthetically, I tend to prefer something quite simple.  I say that, but that wouldn’t be nearly as fun to design as something more complex!  So many options!

 You see, a ‘dream cake’ changes with what the occasion is.  If you’re out in the countryside having a barnyard wedding, you aren’t going to want the same design as if you were at the Shangri-La.  I eat Cake every day, and just as what I feel like eating changes, the tastes and preferences for your wedding cake will adapt as you move further along with your Wedding choices.  It’s only when you’ve done all that that your ‘dream Cake’ vision truly comes to life!  Every cake can be a dream cake when it’s perfect for the place it’s in and the people it’s for.”


We couldn’t agree with you more – our idea of a dream Wedding Cake changes daily! No doubt we’ll change our minds again when we see your new designs!  Are your Brides just as indecisive as we are, or are there a few designs and flavours that are most popular?

 “As far as flavours are concerned, classic flavours, such as vanilla, almond and raspberry, are a popular choice for weddings when you have a lot of people to please.  Regarding design, that really depends on the year, as the ‘trends’ change regularly.  As you’ve probably seen on the Web, Naked Cakes and Rustic Cakes with fresh flowers are proving to be really popular at the moment, but we’re also still seeing quite a lot of metallic detailing, especially gold.  Colour wise, powdery pinks are something we’ve done a lot of this year, and then there’s the up-coming trend of all-white which can look really beautiful.  Something that started last year that I really enjoy producing is ‘Painted Cakes’ which you can really make your own.  We’re also beginning to see purples and blues coming in, but I think these will be more of a trend for next year.  You often find that brides want a combination of all these trends – you only get married once, after all!”


Hope you were listening to that one ladies – blues and purples for next year it is!  Finally, can you give our lovely readers a little insight in to what it’s like working with the team here at Wedding Light Events?  

“I love working with Wedding Light Events.  I’ve done some really great Style Shoots with the team as well as supplied Cakes for some of your Weddings – things always go smoothly and you’re very professional.  I love Olivier your in-house photographer.  We always have a lot of fun together and I always find our collaborations really inspirational.”


Thanks so much for taking the time to speak to us, Synie.  We’ll be looking out for those Yuzu cakes, and we can’t wait to see the design your working on for our Bride at the moment!

Visit Synie on her wonderful website for more information, picture, and contact details.

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