Croquembouche: French Wedding Cake Tradition

Chic Paris inspired wedding cakes are all the rage these days, and as wedding planners we are here to tell you that the traditional french wedding cake; the Croquembouche, has not gone out of style. If anything we’re seeing more of our American couples marrying in Paris, opting for both a layered fondant cake and a Piece montee / Croquembouche to give their weddings a elegant touch.

What is a Croquembouche?
A croquembouche is a visually striking cone of cream-filled profiteroles, laced together with shimmering threads of caramel and decorated with sugared almonds, chocolate, flowers or ribbons. Croquembouche, pronounced kroh-kuhm-BOOSH, literally (and delightfully) means “crunch in the mouth” because of the satisfying crunch of the caramel that covers the cream puffs. Chocolate, spun sugar, puff pastry and creamy filling – this dessert is sure to make an impression on the taste buds of your guests.

Ordering a Wedding Cake in Paris
If you’re planning a destination wedding in Paris, WeddingLight Events takes the hassle out of ordering a wedding cake from overseas. We pride ourselves at being a bride’s Parisian resource. Our team has thoroughly vetted the most delightful French bakeries; both American and French. One of our WLE couples, Sayeh and John, trusted their croquembouche to the worthy bakers at Laduree. The bakery, which is celebrating its 150th this year, has grown to be an international symbol of Parisian style. The cake they crafted for Sayeh and John was a beautiful piece of work for all their loved ones to indulge themselves on throughout the night.

Personalizing your Croquembouche
There are so many ways to personalize this confection. Customize your croquembouche by adding sprigs of French lavender or sugared almonds. If you want to add a splash of color, drizzle your cake with milk, dark or white chocolate. Add whimsy by winding a ribbon around the cake. Rather than having one towering topiary on the bride and groom’s table, add drama to your guests’ tables by displaying smaller croquembouches as edible centerpieces on milk glass or silver platters.
Create an extraordinary memory for loved ones when you marry in France, and embrace the graceful ease of traditional French culture with a croquembouche. For our last ceremony we added some fireworks on top, dimmed the lights, played one of the couples favorite song as we brought in the Croquembouche to the room. A Croquembouche piece montee is  thoroughly french but also thoroughly  fun.



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