Paris Weddings – The Story So Far

Just like you guys, we never get tired of looking back at your Paris Wedding Day pictures;  the Beaming smiles, gorgeous gowns and limitless love captured by our in house photograoher, Oliver Lalin, on those days never fails to leave us with big grins on our faces.  

Browsing through the albums of the Paris Weddings WLE has organised so far, I was astounded to see just how many beautiful dreams we’ve made a reality!  From quiet Paris Elopements to big blow-outs, all of your wonderful Weddings were truly captivating, and reminiscing over them made me feel more inspired than ever – as well as a little teary eyed!

Wedding Photos Album Paris

But WLE we do things properly, and I wasn’t done with the nostalgia yet!  In order to make this a proper #throwback, I got in touch with one our favourite Brides from last year, Nhu.  Nhu and her – now husband – Norman eloped to Paris with us from Australia, and what a Wedding it was!  She’s kindly agreed to share her Wedding story with us so we can relive it once more, and guess what? there’s pictures! I better get those tissues ready again!

Wedding Light Events thinks the only location for a Wedding is Paris, and can’t understand why you’d consider anywhere else,  however, we are, admittedly, rather biased!  From someone who has a more neutral view, what was it about Paris that attracted you so much?

– Norm and I would’ve loved to have done a big wedding at home in Brisbane, Australia but we had to see the bigger picture and that involved building a new home for our growing family. With this in mind, we both happily decided to ‘elope’ to Paris – somewhere i had always dreamed of visiting. I had never been to Europe and would’ve loved to have done a big trip travelling the place, however we had a 1 year old to consider and so staying in one place made travelling a lot easier. It was an easy choice…it’s such a beautiful city with so many things to see, but I must admit, the fantastic food was definitely a swaying factor! We both work in hospitality, and Norm is a chef so the idea of ‘living’ in Paris for 2 weeks and eating Parisian Food everyday was something we very much looked forward to. 

Parisian Food…just one of the reasons we could never leave!  ‘Heaven on a plate’ comes to mind! 

With that in mind, can you tell us a bit more about your Day?  How many people accompanied you, which locations did you select for shooting, and last but most definitely not least, where did you eat?

– Our day was absolutely amazing! And this was all thanks to the fact that we decided to use WLE to help organise it all. You always hear about brides being so stressed on the day of their wedding and I really didn’t want any of that on our day. Everything was arranged for me and I didn’t have to check or follow up on anything. 

It was just us (Me, Norm and our beautiful 1 year old daughter). I originally chose a location in front of a cherry blossom tree at Notre Dame because I thought the Wedding photos would be stunning with those as the backdrop.  However on the day, tourists made that impossible and your in house photographer, Olivier wasn’t keen on doing the ceremony there.  He quickly suggested somewhere quieter for us to move too and the new impromptu location was definitely just as good! It was private, beautiful and perfect for our intimate ceremony. Olivier took us on to several stunning locations to capture all the different images we wanted and we finished the long day off with a late dinner at Plaza Athenee

Ah! Olivier knows Paris like the back of his hand and is always brimming with ideas!  What would we do without him, hey ?  

We loved your colour theme.  Paris may be known for its ‘all black everything’ but for us, pink is a colour that never gets old.  You managed to incorporate it into your Wedding day so sublimely; how did you choose what colours to go for ? 

– Of course I wanted our wedding day to be elegant and romantic, but also ‘pretty’, and to me, there’s nothing more beautiful than dusty pink. This colour was mainly inspired by delicate dusty pick peonies, which is my favourite flower.  So of course I just had to have these pink peonies in my bouquet. 

You certainly did a great job, Nhu.  Pink peonies?  The perfect choice; you and your daughter looked as pretty as picture.

And you kept the prettiness coming with that great Balloon idea!  Tell us, Where did the inspiration for that come from? 

– I actually discovered WLE through your in-house photographer, Olivier. We weren’t going to have any friends or family present so the photography was really important to me.  I wanted to have memorable photos to show them, as they couldn’t be there themselves. 

I looked through a lot of photographers to try and identify someone that could translate my ideas to the style of photography I wanted, and Olivier’s style fit the bill perfectly. I didn’t want the typical boring wedding photos in all the tourist attractions. I tried to look for other ways to make our images more fun and interesting, without being tacky. I had seen these oversized balloons in other photography and thought they were perfect to use in our photos to showcase our ‘fun’ side on the day.  This also happened to coincide with my colour scheme of pink and white nicely. 

Paris Wedding Planner’s Elopement for Australian Couple

We’re so happy you liked Olivier’s photos as much as we do.  He has a true talent for captivating unique and personal photos for our couples.  Your shots definitely looked fun, in fact, I’d love to have a go with one of those balloons myself…

We loved working with you.  From start to finish, you were full of ideas and had such a clear vision of what you wanted.  Now the big question is, how did you find working with the team at WLE? 

– From the first response I had from you right through to the receiving of our photos, WLE fulfilled my every expectation.  You were dream wedding planners, truly. There was great communication, never any issues and I always knew everything was done for me and that I had nothing to worry about. 

A few days before the wedding day, we had a meet & greet with Helene & Olivier and it re-confirmed that this was a professional team who knew what they were doing.  Olivier totally saw my vision with the photography and he was so amazing on the day. Just super lovely and made the whole experience really comfortable as I’m not great in front of a camera at the best of times!  

Paris Wedding Planners Organise Pink Elopement

Well any nerves certainly didn’t show!  From what we saw you looked liked a complete natural – beautiful Bride alert!  We’re so glad you had a fabulous day and experience with Wedding Light Events.  Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us, Nhu! 

You can see even more pictures of our wonderful Weddings by clicking on our ‘Elope to Paris’ in the menu bar above or checking out our Pinterest Board. Happy reminiscing!


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