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Paris romantic wedding fine dining

We visited the Cristal room Baccarat restaurant this morning for one of our client who is planning her wedding in Paris in september for 30 of her friends and family members! How lucky …. “Anyone wants to take me there for Valentines day”, I could hear my assistant saying. The restaurant is overlooking the lovely “place des Etats Unis” and is a few minutes walk to the eiffel tower. It can be all privatized or simply accommodate different size parties with a pivate room adjoining the restaurant for an intimate elopement. The baccara ball room is available for big bash as well.  We really love the experience, so classy and elegant with perfect Parisian fine dining for one’s palet!

The Ritz hotel reopens its door for weddings in Paris

The legendary luxury Ritz Hotel will finally reopen its doors this Spring, after a three year long renovation. While all high society hotel lovers were upset to hear the news, the time has passed quickly, and many will agree it was worth the wait. The Ritz Paris opened in 1898 by the Swiss business genius, Cesar Ritz. Located on Place Vendôme, this hotel is set in one of the most magnificent parts of Paris, with numerous land marks in close proximity. The Ritz has housed the most glamorous of people over the years, including Coco Chanel who lived at The Ritz for multiple years. Earnest Hemingway was also frequently seen in the hotels bar before World War II, and in later name it was renamed The Hemingway Bar in his honor. “When I dream of afterlife in heaven, the action always takes place at the Paris Ritz”. Although Earnest Hemingway was the first to say this, it is certain that anyone who has stayed at The Ritz Paris would quickly agree.! !

The renovations this 117 year old building took on consisted of creating fewer rooms and more suites, restoring artwork and antiques, adding a new restaurant, among other things. For those who are looking for even more relaxation can make an appointment at the new Chanel Spa—the most luxurious spa that exclusively uses Chanel products. One of the last major changes will bring tears of joy to every foodie, with a renovation of The Ecole Ritz Escoffier cooking school and restaurant. The cooking school offers hands on lessons for people with any level of cooking experience. The terrace now has a retractable roof, bringing use to the space year round.

Paris may be filled with 5 star hotels, but when it comes to class, luxury, and glamour, The Ritz takes the cake. The new renovations only make this hotel the most extravagant spot for love birds to tie the knot. No matter what size wedding you have, The Ritz is sure to be able to host it in one of the 9 reception areas that can fit anywhere between 10 and 500 people. To make the big day even more spectacular, the hotel offers flower arrangements by the best floral designer in Europe, Djordje Varda. Varda makes over 10,000 flower arrangements per week for the hotel, all of which are nothing short of spectacular. This self taught floral designer has one of the most impressive client lists in this department of work. He has made arrangements for places such as Paris’ Civic Opera House and the Versailles Palace. Between the fabulous Ritz hotel in Paris, and the WeddingLight Events team, brides with even the longest of check lists can rest easy knowing that their expectations will be exceeded.

. An interview we did with Varda a while back at the Ritz hotel in Paris.

Be sure to check out the photos below of model, Kate Moss at The Ritz Paris. The photos taken by British fashion photographer, Tim Walker show off the exquisite architecture and design of The Ritz, while high lighting beautiful Haute Couture fashion.The amazing Ritz in Paris is reopening its door in the spring. We were quite sad to find out that it was closing down for renovation. Three years have passer, time flies really! We stumbled in a photo shoot in Vogues magazine this morning with amazing Kate Moss wearing some lavish couture dresses. Varda is again the official Florist of the Ritz and produces simply stunning flower decorations. I strongly suggest that you look at his website for flower inspiration. He is a real artist and his style blend perfectly with such a grand decor.
Make sure you go to Varda’s website for some Parisian creative flower arrangement inspiration.

Photos Vogues magazine

Style Shoot: A unique Parisian Elopement

Ever since our first styled shoot that we did this past summer, we have been itching to organise another one.  We felt it was important to show couples that it does not take a lot to create something beautiful and special. It does not matter if you have decided on the spot to elope or have taken the time to plan your day out months in advance. There is something so very magical about Paris that takes over just simply evokes romance wherever you turn. Match that with an outstanding team of English-speaking vendors and you have something quite stunning to say the least!

The day began with hair and makeup by the very talented, James of JMS by James. Romain from “Anciennes de Prestige picked up our couple in a classic DS convertible citroen which made my day! “Leanne’s wedding gown is designed by the very talented Carolina Herrera and lent to us via “Ma Bonne Amie” in Paris. Frederic was wearing a very slick tuxedo from “Faubourg Saint Sulpice” that we love here at WeddingLight Events. Synie from “Synies” in Paris designed an ever so tasty tiered pink and golden painted wedding cake; simply Yummy! Edith from “une fleur en liberté” made a lovely delicate long-stemmed powder pink roses and spring purple broom. I invite all of you to go to our Paris wedding photographers website to enjoy a larger selection of this gorgeous elopement style documentary shot in Paris. It was a lot of fun to produce and we are already looking forward to our next adventure.
All photographs by Olivier © WeddingLight Paris. Rush to his website, he is so talented & has this thing to make you laugh and have a wonderful time! Simply a great wedding photographer in Paris for your elopement, wedding and engagement photography.

And a big thank you to Joy from Studio French Blue as well. Joy produced the stationary and beautiful calligraphy for our style shoot.

Ma bonne Amie – Renting a wedding & couture gown in Paris

Photograph Courtesy of Axelle

We met up with Axelle from “Ma bonne Amie” whose company specialize in renting couture and wedding gown such as YSl, Chanel, Dior as well as gorgeous wedding dresses such as Carolina Herrera & Vera Wang amongst other luxury wedding couture brand in central Paris. Every bride fantasizes of wearing their dream dress on their wedding day. It’s something that you will remember forever and can always look back on with fond memories …..

Enjoy the interview, Ma Bonne Amie is the perfect store to find your dream couture or wedding dress for a very special occasion.

© WeddingLight Paris

Q. What is your background and how did you get into the dress rental business?

I was working in the communication industry in big companies but over 10 years, I wanted to start my own business in fashion because I have a natural eye for it and a good fashion taste. I realized that if you have an important event to attend and you want to dress up, you don’t have many options other than to buy a very expensive designer dress, which is something I did myself when going to my friend’s weddings, so I thought that maybe the dresses which I bought could be used by others. I began looking into the market and realized that this concept didn’t exist in Paris so I decided to create “Ma bonne Amie”. I started the dress rental business in 2009, it was a very new concept in France at the time so lots of people were very interested and we got very good reviews from the media. We got a lot of TV press and so on which was really nice because the subject was so new and interesting for them. The concept worked well so after 2-3 years I decided to expand a little bit and to do more consulting and coaching, which entails helping women and also working with professionals in the workplace and companies because it’s something I know very well from my own working experience. I work with firms and agencies by helping them if they have any special events.

© WeddingLight Paris

Q. How did you decide to expand to Bridal dresses?
I’ve always had many customers asking me if I had any bridal gowns to rent but last year in particular, I had lots of new potential clients and agencies looking for the same thing and I realized that this concept did not exist in Paris, you could not rent an evening gown or wedding dress. Other than buying a dress, there was no other solution, it’s an amazing concept; especially if you only need a dress just for one day or a photo-shoot, so I decided to buy a collection of couture wedding dresses, mainly from American designers and we launched this service for clients who are looking at renting a wedding gown designer dress for one day in Paris.

© WeddingLight Paris

Q. How does the process work; from choosing a dress to wearing it on the day?
First of all people find “ma bonne amie” through different ways, such as the internet of course, word of mouth and from the media, then they will go on our website, from the website you make an appointment with our stylist. Clients will come to the showroom near the Palais Royal, which will be privatized and you will have your own, personal style consultant who will help you to choose the perfect outfit for your event, whether it be for a wedding, opera, a party, an event nearby or Cannes film festival per say.

It also depends on your body-shape and the way how the dress fits you so we will help the lady to choose the perfect dress, we can also do some alterations. Then you will have to sign a contract and you will be able to pick up the dress the day before the event and return it 2 days afterwards, or there is also a delivery system available. The dry cleaning is included in our service so you don’t have to worry about that at all.

© WeddingLight Paris

Q. How many dresses do you have at the moment?
We have more than 250 models of long, evening gowns and cocktail dresses. We also have clutches, jewelry, furs and accessories. They’re mostly French or Italian high couture. The wedding gowns are from very renowned wedding designers. Most of them are American. We have dresses by very famous, well-known designers because clients will know their brand. The idea is not to be original, the idea is to be luxurious.

© WeddingLight Paris

Q. Do you have any advice to future brides when choosing their dress?
It depends on the event and how long they’ll be in the dress. I’ll never rent a dress for a full wedding event, only for the photo-shoot. I believe that when you get married you must have the perfect dress for your own body for example, if you’re short you shouldn’t choose something with much volume as it will make you look shorter, but if you’re only choosing the dress for a photo-shoot, you should choose the dress of your dreams because the photographer is the magician and he can do whatever you want and make you look how you want, so if you’re short he will make you look taller and so on, that way you can have the dress of your dreams because it’s just for the memories and you will always have the magic of the pictures.

© WeddingLight Paris

Q. Do you have any memorable stories from the job?
Well, of course we rent dresses to ‘normal’ people because famous people are often given high couture dresses for free from the designers themselves, it is free advertising really, but at “Ma bonne Amie”we pamper and style you the same way you would be at Chanel for Cannes film festival. We make people feel like celebrities, we give them luxury treatment and provide them with a luxury dress to wear and overall high quality, Parisian experience. We’re situated in the Palais Royal area, right next to the Louvre in an exclusive luxury area which is important for clients who don’t know the area. You feel very at home when you come into ma bonne amie.

What is funny is that we’ve had some well-known, famous people who have used our services such as older actresses which is funny as you wouldn’t expect it. Once a young hip and trendy young Parisian woman came in and she said she was going to an important event with one of our  French icon. She wanted to dress up and wear something special for the occasion. Her boyfriend was taking her to a private party with Johnny Halliday! She left the showroom with a dress from Balenciaga and she Rocked the night away!


Paris wedding gown & couture dress rental :

Lovely Franco & Turk wedding in Paris

Lovely Franco & Turk wedding in Paris! You will find many more photographs on our photographers blog at WeddingLight but here is a little selection for our dear followers! Gorgeous clients, ever so sweet married at the mairie du 5eme Arr. Olivier Took them around town for some beautiful couple portraits & a few family portraits as well followed by a diner at the “Chalet des Iles” in Boulogne.

For the curious minds, here is a larger selection of the many photos that olivier took through out the day.

Paris intimate wedding with WeddingLight photography.