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Paris Elopement: Cassie & Eric

Most amazing Paris photoshoot this morning with a gorgeous serie of photographs of a lovely couple taken by our photographer yesterday. It is quite impossible not to love Paris. The city is to die for. It is such a perfect setting for couples in love. Eloping to Paris is a growing trend, rightfully so! How could one resist such a grand decorum for your intimate wedding in Paris.
Oliviers wedding photographs whether for your wedding or a portrait session in Paris are classic, elegant and mostly full of LIFE due to his great sense of humor! This is such a rare quality in a wedding photographer. He is able to bring a photo session to life and to show the sheer happiness that our couple share in the city of light not only with his skills but also his great personality. He will make you forget you are in front of a camera posing for your wedding photos so that you can just have fun and fully enjoy the moment!

It is sometimes better to let clients speak for themselves. I invite you to read the few reviews that Olivier from WeddingLight has on his google page. Below a few words from Julie about our photographer and some gorgeous photos : ” Olivier doesn’t just take pictures; he captures moments. I first met Olivier at my best friend Trina’s wedding in NYC. He had such a wonderful personality and made it fun for all of us to take wedding pictures. Nothing was staged; everything felt effortless and natural. When it came time for my own wedding in San Francisco, I looked and looked at local photographers, always looking for someone who could shoot like Olivier. No one came close so we decided to bring Olivier from NYC to shoot our wedding. Extravagant decision yes, but so well worth it.He came up with creative ideas that brought out our personalities and the spirit and feeling of how our wedding. However, the story doesn’t end here. Flash forward to 2013 and we are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary in Paris with two beautiful children in tow. We realized that Olivier had moved back home to Paris and immediately contacted him for family portraits around the spectacular city. It was like meeting up with an old friend. He planned everything, took us around the city and made what could be a tedious process equally fun and effortless for our children. Our family photos in Paris turned out so beautiful and precious to us. Olivier is warm and friendly. He looks to tell your story and captures the essence of who you are in the photos. We look forward to having Olivier chronicle the next big moments in our lives, wherever we may be… ”


You may wish to see more photos on WeddingLight blog! Do not hesitate to contact WeddingLight Events in Paris for your wedding planning, elopement or a private event you need some assistance with. We are more then glad to help! We LOVE Paris and know the city well.

All wedding photos © WeddingLight Paris
English speaking Paris wedding Photographer

Paris Elopement: Jamie & Scott from Florida, USA

Beautiful elopement with Scott and Jamie in Paris yesterday. YES, it was only yesterday and Olivier our WeddingLight photographer  has managed to put together a little selection of images from this beautiful day out and around in Paris. Scott and Jamie look so happy in those photographs. Everything was perfect! Not a drop of rain until the photo session ended. Flowers from our florist Estelle were to dye for as always and our bride looked gorgeous. Great team work, thanks everyone and congratulation to our couple of the day in sweet Paris.Jamie and Scott  are now off to Lourdes and St Emilion to follow the tour de France for a few days and enjoy their wedding in style.

More photos of our couple elopement in Paris on our photographers blog. WeddingLight Paris

elope in Paris

elope in Paris wedding planner

elope in Paris
All wedding photos © WeddingLight Paris
English speaking Paris wedding Photographer

2014 Bridal Hair Accessory Trends

After choosing your perfect dress, the biggest statement you can make is through your bridal head-wear. Whether you want to be classic in a veil or breaking boundaries with a more unique piece, WeddingLight Events collated this season’s top hair accessory trends. Tying together your personality and wedding theme will be completed with one of these fabulous looks. Don’t forget to check out our Top 5 Hairstyles to discover the ultimate combination of style and accessory.

1.Gatsby Style Rhinestone Headdresses and Juliet Caps

1920’s glamour continues to inspire brides, and what better way to add nuances of the jazz era to your look than through head-wear. Rhinestone head bands offer a perfect bridge between tiara and hair-band. This look has a timeless elegance which transcends the ages, whilst evoking the fun and recklessness of the period. With many different accessory styles to choose from you should have no problem finding one which compliments your face shape, hair style and dress.



Juliet caps have also made a big comeback with brides. This look is unmistakably vintage and romantic. They can be worn simply or used as a more interesting way to incorporate a veil into your look. The lace adds extra prettiness to any bridal look. Both are perfect for adding a little Gatsby majesty to your reception –  just make sure you’ve perfected your Charleston so you can live up to your look!

Source www.weddinghandmade.com

2. Classic veils

The staple bridal look will never change, and if you’ve always imagined of the man of your dreams lifting a veil from your face what other choice do you have but to go for it? After all this is your one and only chance to pull it off. Of course just because you know you need to have a veil there are still many decisions to be made! Floor length cathedral style,  or shorter and layered? Detailed or simple? Thinking about practicalities is also an important aspect in veil choice as you may want to be able to easily remove it for certain photographs. Floor length veils are the most traditional and are always flattering. Whilst  shorter styles can be more playful and inject some personality however it’s important to make sure your whole silhouette is still pleasing to the eye. We love this soft romantic blusher veil from Twigs and Honey.

Source Twigsandhoney.com

3.Ethereal Floral Crowns

For the bohemian bride floral crowns are the perfect free spirited expression of beauty. Celebrating natural elegance and romanticism, they create a unique look. From pale and delicate headbands to larger and brighter crowns, the floral trend offers a spectrum of diversity and the perfect motif for a spring/summer wedding.  This has to be the biggest trend right now. Your bouquet can also be tied into your look making your favorite flowers play a starring role in your big day. Check out our blog on top bouquet trends for even more inspiration on which flowers to choose, as well as our interview with our wonderful florist Estelle.  Adding a splash of colour to your look with bright flowers can also change up the style, and allow you to add in the tones which most suit you. Your floral crown will also of course be completely unique, which is exactly what you want for your big day. Floral crowns are particularly stunning when combined with loose natural curls, for a soft ethereal elegance.

 Source www.alterblooms.blogspot.co.uk/

4. Extravagant Fascinators

It’s your big day so all eyes must be on you, and nothing will ensure this better than a statement fascinator. Intricacy of design and an array of materials can combine to form a work of art. An excellent choice when combined with a more simple dress. Adding feathers, lace, or rhinestones creates endless possibilities. This gives you an excellent way of bringing in any colours or materials you want to incorporate into your look. Fascinators have made a big comeback since the Royal wedding, even making a splash within mainstream fashion. Of course there are also many smaller fascinators out there if you want a more subdued take on this look. Dare to be different!

Source stylemepretty.com

5. Royal Tiaras

If adding a little royal touch to the day is important for you, then you can alternatively embrace the princess theme with a tiara. Now is the time to truly channel your inner Kate Middleton, after all who can deny how stunning her vintage Cartier piece was?  A delicate and somewhat traditional accessory choice, a tiara can easily be incorporated into your chosen hairstyle.   They are also perfect for adding a little sparkle to a structured hair do. So if a formal chignon is your style of choice a tiara will be the  perfect accompaniment!  Excellent if you don’t want too much attention to be on your hair. Tiaras are less of a hot trend right now  but they will always be a classic and regal wedding look. They’re also perfect if you’ve chosen stunning jewellery and want to emphasise your chosen pieces with a matching tiara. Glitz and glamour galore!

 Source hairstyle-for-weddings.com

Hopefully this has inspired you to find the perfect wedding hair accessory for you. For more advice on choosing your perfect bridal hairstyle to go with your hair accessory and on how to prepare for the big day, take a look at our interview with Muriel, our favorite Paris wedding hairstylist (and stylist to the stars!).


WLE Meets: Paris Wedding Photographer, Olivier

After your big day is over, your wedding photographs will keep the wonderful memories in Paris alive forever. Of course your Paris wedding photos will be particularly important as this is how you will share your beautiful celebration with all your friends at home. The pressure is therefore definitely on to make them perfect!

We interviewed our very own talented photographer Olivier Lalin in Paris to get his expert advice on preparing for your wedding photography.

Q. What’s the best piece of advice you can give a couple in preparing for wedding photography?

Practice makes perfect! Don’t shy away from practicing your poses in front of the mirror in the lead up to your wedding day. You need to appear natural yet elegant, be comfortable in your own body. It may seem vain or embarrassing but remember it’s the finished product that everyone will see.

What’s more practice as a couple! Make sure being with your loved one doesn’t affect your posture and that you find a stance that suits you both. It can be difficult to resist temptation to slouch if one of you is taller, you need to make sure how you fit together looks good on camera.

Q. What should a bride be thinking about when practicing?

Keep your arms slightly away from your body for a slimmer look and be aware of what you’re doing with your hands. You don’t want them to be distracting from the rest of the look. Always keep your chin up and your shoulders back – good posture and being poised is essential. Also learn to smile with your eyes; this will completely light up the photo.

Q. Is there a dress style which looks better in photos or is easier to work with?

Thinking about the dress itself is very important. Different styles are going to emphasize different parts of your body and you need to work out how to best utilise this to create flattering photographs. Of course choose something which best suits you but also something which you find comfortable and easy to get around in. A mermaid dress for example contours a bride’s figure and can slimming when positioned correctly in photographs.

Also be aware of your outfit and accessories, you want to be showing off your dress and bouquet to the best of their advantage. You bouquet should be in the shot but not covering you or the intricate detailing of your dress. Holding the bouquet as low as possible actually creates the best lines. When you practice, do it with the full outfit!

Q. Should you follow a regime to get in shape before the big day?

Whatever you do make sure you’re not tempted to hold your stomach in for photos. If you’re self-conscious about your weight by all means get in shape for the wedding. The most important thing is that you look natural and happy. Do make sure you work on your posture in the lead up to the wedding, this is highly important for getting graceful shots.

Q. What about the all-important kiss photo?

Kissing isn’t something you normally do for a camera which makes it harder to perfect than other poses. Of course this is going to be a big element in your most romantic shots and I’m sure this is something won’t mind practicing! Make sure you extend your necks and are an equal distance apart in order to create an elegant silhouette. If you want a dip kiss photo you really have to practice this in advance – unfortunately romantic spontaneity really isn’t the best strategy in wedding photography!

Q. Any advice for the day itself?

Try to relax and have fun, we normally visit many iconic locations in Paris to take photos and it’s important to be in the moment. Don’t feel distracted or self-conscious if tourists stop to watch. Remember everything you’ve practiced but most importantly enjoy it! The most beautiful photographs happen when you feel truly happy and serene. Our Paris wedding photographer will guide you every steps of the way with his advices and good humor. You are going to make your girl friends back home so jealous when you show them all those beautiful wedding photographs taken in Paris with your love one.

We hope all this advice helps you to prepare for your moment in the spotlight, and become a natural under the lens! For more advice on your destination wedding check out our other blog posts, and Olivier’s amazing wedding photography!

Top 5 Parisian Wedding After-Party Venues


Many of you ask us where to continue the party after your wedding reception in Paris. The city of lights has something for everyone whether your style is slow jazz, glistening cocktails, seductive cabaret or dancing till your hearts content. This is the most special night of your life so it’s understandable that you never want it to end…

We therefore decided to compile our Top 5 Party Venues to continue your Parisian wedding celebrations into the night:


1. The Prescription Cocktail Club

Hidden Cocktail Bar

23 rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris

Part of the Experimental Cocktail Club group, this speakeasy bar evokes the glitz of prohibition. Open till 4am at the weekend, you’ll have plenty of time to  work your way through their fabulous and innovative cocktail menu. The Prescription Cocktail Club is an unpublicised spot favoured by Parisian fashionistas. The ideal choice if what you’re after is expert bartenders and a sophisticated evening of indulgence. Also the perfect place to discuss the highlights of the day with your guests, whilst soaking up the whimsical atmosphere. Bowler hats falling from the ceiling and a false bookcase giving way to a second bar create a quirky and charming ambiance.

They of course do all the classic cocktails but it’s their own inventions which will take your breath away. Our favourite is Audrey’s Gin Gin Mule which ensnares the senses with its ginger beer and mint combination. Average cocktail price is 13-15 euros. Cheers!

Source fabulous101.com 

2. Le Crazy Horse

Life is a CABARET

12 avenue George V – 75008 Paris

If a little Moulin Rouge style burlesque dancing is one of your desires from your Parisian experience then, an evening at Le Crazy Horse is a must.  This cabaret venue is the most avant-garde in Paris and creates a stunning visual experience of colour, dancing and music.  Lighting effects and reflections form an integral part of the show truly mesmerizing audiences. You will undoubtedly become absorbed into this French world of seduction and glamour. The venue has been around for 60 years and explores the many facets of femininity through a continual reinvention of its work, routines are created to reflect cultural change and art movements. It prides itself on having become a symbol of Paris and Parisian life through the ages.

Their current show Désirs was choreographed by Philippe Decouflé to a backdrop of hot jazz blended into sizzling bands. Undeniably a night to remember. With an impeccable cast, fantastic costuming and Louboutins galore what’s not to love? Enter into their “crazy” world and become entranced.

 Source minnaparikka.com 

Shows take place at 8.15pm and 10.45pm Sunday- Friday, and at 7pm, 9.30pm, and 11.45pm on Saturdays. Perfect to follow on from your reception. Their Champagne packages start at 125 euros for a show and half bottle of champagne.

3. VIP Room

Exclusive Club

188 bis Rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris

Founded by music producer Jean-Roch, for the party lovers out there the VIP Room is the place to be, ideally situated on Rue de Rivoli. This is one of France’s most exclusive clubs, with venues in St Tropez and Cannes, and used for events such as fashion week after parties. Gaining access to the club is notoriously difficult but of course it’s your wedding night so you’ll already be looking wonderful!

The interior is glamorous with mirrored pillars and illuminated cocktail tables. Truly living up to its name it attracts the hottest of Paris party goers so get ready for some French celebrity spotting. Music is dance-centric, an evening here is all about popping (rather expensive) champagne bottles and having the VIP feel.  Entrance may be free but a bottle and getting a small table will set you back 230 euros, it’s worth it though to experience the  crème de la crème  of French clubbing.   Stays open until 6am.

Source purestarmanagement.com

 4. Barrio Latino

South-American Extravaganza

46 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine 75012 Paris

To add a little Latin spice to your wedding night, head over to Barrio Latino. In this South-American oasis four levels of colourful fiestas await you. Dancing takes place from 11pm on the ground floor to the sun-kissed music and high paced rhythms of their DJ Carlos Campos. Sure to make your night fun filled and passionate with a fusion of salsa, reggaeton and tango. Perfect to get you in the mood for a honeymoon in the sun! The venue also offers dance lessons and tapas if you want to make the most of the experience.

Source tripadvisor.com

If you need a break from salsa dancing on the second floor you will discover le Bar Cubain. Here you can escape to Havana whilst enjoying a Cuban cigar and a cocktail, perhaps one of their famous mojitos or frozen margaritas. The smoky and impassioned atmosphere will transport you to paradise.

The Venue closes at 2am (3am on Saturdays!) so it’s not the place for an all-night party, but if you’re doing it right you’ll already be exhausted by this time!

5. Badaboum

Electro club + British School cocktails

2bis rue des Taillandiers 75011 Paris

Badaboum is the new kid  on the Parisian night life stage. Alternative music lovers that wants to experience the cutting edge of France’s electro scene are flocking here. You can start your evening by adding a little British class to affairs in their London cocktail bar. Cocktails are created by their mixologist Nicolas D. who strives for the perfect blend between originality and tradition.

When the cocktail bar shuts at 2am, head down to the electro-pop club to experience the heart of the venue. The club is proud to have the best quality French sound system, creating vibrations until doors shut at at 6:30 am… They also have a secret room donned in 70’s decor. What happens in the secret room stays in the secret room… Intrigued? We are. This venue is unique in bringing together 3 elements to create a diverse evening, all under one roof.

Entrance to the cocktail bar is free before 11 and the club costs 10-15 euros after midnight.   The club is open Fridays and Saturdays with live music events on Thursday. Be ready to “faire la boum”.

Source infos-75.com

We hope this helps you to plan your night out under the Parisian stars. Whether you’re working on your salsa or learning the art of seduction grab a cocktail and get ready to party the night away!

For more help planning you destination wedding in Paris be sure to check out some of our other Top 5 Lists