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Top 5: Where to Buy your Wedding Bands in Paris

We bring you our selection of the top spots to buy your wedding rings in Paris. There’s no more special way to remember your big day in Paris than buying your wedding bands on your trip. Especially since France is renowned for fashion and jewelry design worldwide. Whether you want a classic ring designer, unique boutique or antique piece we have the answers.

1. Cartier

The French standard

The epitome of luxury French jewelry design, Cartier has to be top of any French jewelry design list.   There is nothing more classic or timeless than a Cartier wedding ring, and your friends will be stunned by its benchmark of quality. The house has a rich and royal background, with many exhibitions held under its famous name. It was founded in Paris in 1847 originally as a family company. They became most recognised for their pocket watches and symbolised by their panther, but it is their rings which stole the heart of diamond loving romantics worldwide. A name which has become truly synonymous with romance and excess. The only thing more special than a Cartier wedding band, is a Cartier wedding band purchased in Paris.


17 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré 75008 Paris

2. Paulette à Bicyclette

Ethical Jewelry and Design Workshops

The number one spot for any bohemian couple Paulette à Bicyclette is founded on the principal of ethical jewelry, and specialises in wedding pieces. She loves working on rings which represent a couples love and happiness! In this artisan jeweller everything is made from recycled materials in an eco-responsible fashion. They have even been certified by Fairmined. She works to order so you can personalise your piece as you wish, and all her work is precious and poetic in style.  Her wedding bands focus on using texture in their design. This is the best place in Paris for wedding rings made with love.

Paulette à Bicyclette

She also offers courses in jewelry making for both weddings and every-day wear so you can learn to create your own rings.  This builds the perfect combination of ethical and remarkable wedding rings. There is no more special symbol of your love than making your own unique band in a Parisian workshop. It is important to order your jewelry here as far in  advance as possible to avoid disappointment.

2 Place de Guignier 75020 Paris

3. Dary’s

High End Antique Specialists

If you want an antique ring then Dary’s is the number one address to go to. Specialising in ancient jewelry and contemporary 18th   and 19th century high end pieces, this is an amazing place if you want something not only beautiful, but also something with its own history and story to tell.  They are truly experts in their field and authenticity is 100% guaranteed. Consultations are free so you can benefit from their knowledge before committing.

Although still pricey you will save 30% on the original price of the rings if they were first hand, so this is the perfect way to get your hands on the must have Cartier or Van Cleef on a tighter budget. Unique and timeless this is the must visit store for any vintage bride.



362 Rue Saint Honoré 75001 Paris

4. Boucheron

The original on Place Vendôme

Boucheron was the first jeweler to open its doors on Place Vendôme, the heart of France’s luxury jewelry market, and one of Paris’s founding ring makers. They stand alongside Cartier as trail blazers of the French luxury jewellery market. Clients have included tsars, princesses and maharajahs. Boucheron set out to find the best stones which are then worked on by the best craftsmen, controlling quality of raw materials and workmanship at all levels.


26 Place Vendôme 75001 Paris

5. Chanel Fine Jewelry

High Fashion Meets Bridal Elegance

The fashionistas choice, Chanel entered the jewelry market with her first collection in 1932 . Originally developing a niche with designer costume jewelry, mixing real and fake stones Chanel changed the jewelry market as she had the fashion industry. The houses wedding pieces are however of course all about the diamonds.

“If I have chosen diamonds, it is because they represent the highest value in the smallest volume” Coco Chanel.

Diamonds symbolise the elegance and sophistication which embodies Chanel.  Classic cuts and the best chosen pieces are the basis of the jewelry line. We love this gorgeous ribbon ring in 18k white gold and diamond.


Their store on Place Vendôme now also has a workshop upstairs, making special orders on site. 

18 Place Vendôme 75001 Paris

Hopefully you find your perfect wedding band from one of the boutiques on our list! If you’re coming to Paris for your engagement then be sure to also take a look at our Top 5 French Engagement Ring Designers.

Happy ring shopping!


Paris Elopement: Cassie & Eric from Michigan, USA

Meet Cassie and Eric from Michigan, USA. The gorgeous couple came to Paris for their honeymoon before heading to Rome for the remainder of their trip – oo la la! How romantic! Being that this was their first time in the City of Love, they wanted to do something extra special to commemorate their time here and of course the occasion. So naturally they contacted our fabulous photographer, Olivier Lalin of WeddingLight Photography, to do a Paris Photo Tour around the city. Cassie wore her wedding gown and Eric wore his tuxedo and the two spent 4 full hours shooting around the city. What wonderful memories they will have looking back on this trip!

Congratulations Cassie and Eric! We wish you all the best!

 If you are wishing to do something similar, feel free to read some of Olivier’s reviews on his new Google+ page or contact him directly at

Wedding photographer paris elopement

 All wedding photos © WeddingLight Paris
English-Speaking Paris wedding Photographer

Paris Elopement: Jamie & Scott from Florida, USA

Beautiful elopement with Scott and Jamie in Paris yesterday. YES, it was only yesterday and Olivier our WeddingLight photographer  has managed to put together a little selection of images from this beautiful day out and around in Paris. Scott and Jamie look so happy in those photographs. Everything was perfect! Not a drop of rain until the photo session ended. Flowers from our florist Estelle were  beautiful as always and our bride looked gorgeous. Great team work, thanks everyone and congratulation to our couple of the day in sweet Paris.Jamie and Scott  are now off to Lourdes and St Emilion to follow the tour de France for a few days and enjoy their wedding in style.

More photos of our couple elopement in Paris on our photographers blog. WeddingLight Paris

elope in Paris

elope in Paris wedding planner

elope in Paris
All wedding photos © WeddingLight Paris
English speaking Paris wedding Photographer

Inspiration: 2014 Bridal Hair Accessory Trends

After choosing your perfect dress, the biggest statement you can make is through your bridal head-wear. Whether you want to be classic in a veil or breaking boundaries with a more unique piece, WeddingLight Events collated this season’s top hair accessory trends. Tying together your personality and wedding theme will be completed with one of these fabulous looks. Don’t forget to check out our Top 5 Hairstyles to discover the ultimate combination of style and accessory.

1.Gatsby Style Rhinestone Headdresses and Juliet Caps

1920’s glamour continues to inspire brides, and what better way to add nuances of the jazz era to your look than through head-wear. Rhinestone head bands offer a perfect bridge between tiara and hair-band. This look has a timeless elegance which transcends the ages, whilst evoking the fun and recklessness of the period. With many different accessory styles to choose from you should have no problem finding one which compliments your face shape, hair style and dress.



Juliet caps have also made a big comeback with brides. This look is unmistakably vintage and romantic. They can be worn simply or used as a more interesting way to incorporate a veil into your look. The lace adds extra prettiness to any bridal look. Both are perfect for adding a little Gatsby majesty to your reception –  just make sure you’ve perfected your Charleston so you can live up to your look!


2. Classic veils

The staple bridal look will never change, and if you’ve always imagined of the man of your dreams lifting a veil from your face what other choice do you have but to go for it? After all this is your one and only chance to pull it off. Of course just because you know you need to have a veil there are still many decisions to be made! Floor length cathedral style,  or shorter and layered? Detailed or simple? Thinking about practicalities is also an important aspect in veil choice as you may want to be able to easily remove it for certain photographs. Floor length veils are the most traditional and are always flattering. Whilst  shorter styles can be more playful and inject some personality however it’s important to make sure your whole silhouette is still pleasing to the eye. We love this soft romantic blusher veil from Twigs and Honey.


3.Ethereal Floral Crowns

For the bohemian bride floral crowns are the perfect free spirited expression of beauty. Celebrating natural elegance and romanticism, they create a unique look. From pale and delicate headbands to larger and brighter crowns, the floral trend offers a spectrum of diversity and the perfect motif for a spring/summer wedding.  This has to be the biggest trend right now. Your bouquet can also be tied into your look making your favorite flowers play a starring role in your big day. Check out our blog on top bouquet trends for even more inspiration on which flowers to choose, as well as our interview with our wonderful florist Estelle.  Adding a splash of colour to your look with bright flowers can also change up the style, and allow you to add in the tones which most suit you. Your floral crown will also of course be completely unique, which is exactly what you want for your big day. Floral crowns are particularly stunning when combined with loose natural curls, for a soft ethereal elegance.


4. Extravagant Fascinators

It’s your big day so all eyes must be on you, and nothing will ensure this better than a statement fascinator. Intricacy of design and an array of materials can combine to form a work of art. An excellent choice when combined with a more simple dress. Adding feathers, lace, or rhinestones creates endless possibilities. This gives you an excellent way of bringing in any colours or materials you want to incorporate into your look. Fascinators have made a big comeback since the Royal wedding, even making a splash within mainstream fashion. Of course there are also many smaller fascinators out there if you want a more subdued take on this look. Dare to be different!


5. Royal Tiaras

If adding a little royal touch to the day is important for you, then you can alternatively embrace the princess theme with a tiara. Now is the time to truly channel your inner Kate Middleton, after all who can deny how stunning her vintage Cartier piece was?  A delicate and somewhat traditional accessory choice, a tiara can easily be incorporated into your chosen hairstyle.   They are also perfect for adding a little sparkle to a structured hair do. So if a formal chignon is your style of choice a tiara will be the  perfect accompaniment!  Excellent if you don’t want too much attention to be on your hair. Tiaras are less of a hot trend right now  but they will always be a classic and regal wedding look. They’re also perfect if you’ve chosen stunning jewellery and want to emphasise your chosen pieces with a matching tiara. Glitz and glamour galore!


Hopefully this has inspired you to find the perfect wedding hair accessory for you. For more advice on choosing your perfect bridal hairstyle to go with your hair accessory and on how to prepare for the big day, take a look at our interview with Muriel, our favorite Paris wedding hairstylist (and stylist to the stars!).


WLE Meets: Paris Wedding Photographer, Olivier

After your big day is over, your wedding photographs will keep the wonderful memories in Paris alive forever. Of course your Paris wedding photos will be particularly important as this is how you will share your beautiful celebration with all your friends at home. The pressure is therefore definitely on to make them perfect!

We interviewed our very own talented photographer Olivier Lalin in Paris to get his expert advice on preparing for your wedding photography.

Q. What’s the best piece of advice you can give a couple in preparing for wedding photography?

Practice makes perfect! Don’t shy away from practicing your poses in front of the mirror in the lead up to your wedding day. You need to appear natural yet elegant, be comfortable in your own body. It may seem vain or embarrassing but remember it’s the finished product that everyone will see.

What’s more practice as a couple! Make sure being with your loved one doesn’t affect your posture and that you find a stance that suits you both. It can be difficult to resist temptation to slouch if one of you is taller, you need to make sure how you fit together looks good on camera.

Q. What should a bride be thinking about when practicing?

Keep your arms slightly away from your body for a slimmer look and be aware of what you’re doing with your hands. You don’t want them to be distracting from the rest of the look. Always keep your chin up and your shoulders back – good posture and being poised is essential. Also learn to smile with your eyes; this will completely light up the photo.

Q. Is there a dress style which looks better in photos or is easier to work with?

Thinking about the dress itself is very important. Different styles are going to emphasize different parts of your body and you need to work out how to best utilise this to create flattering photographs. Of course choose something which best suits you but also something which you find comfortable and easy to get around in. A mermaid dress for example contours a bride’s figure and can slimming when positioned correctly in photographs.

Also be aware of your outfit and accessories, you want to be showing off your dress and bouquet to the best of their advantage. You bouquet should be in the shot but not covering you or the intricate detailing of your dress. Holding the bouquet as low as possible actually creates the best lines. When you practice, do it with the full outfit!

Q. Should you follow a regime to get in shape before the big day?

Whatever you do make sure you’re not tempted to hold your stomach in for photos. If you’re self-conscious about your weight by all means get in shape for the wedding. The most important thing is that you look natural and happy. Do make sure you work on your posture in the lead up to the wedding, this is highly important for getting graceful shots.

Q. What about the all-important kiss photo?

Kissing isn’t something you normally do for a camera which makes it harder to perfect than other poses. Of course this is going to be a big element in your most romantic shots and I’m sure this is something won’t mind practicing! Make sure you extend your necks and are an equal distance apart in order to create an elegant silhouette. If you want a dip kiss photo you really have to practice this in advance – unfortunately romantic spontaneity really isn’t the best strategy in wedding photography!

Q. Any advice for the day itself?

Try to relax and have fun, we normally visit many iconic locations in Paris to take photos and it’s important to be in the moment. Don’t feel distracted or self-conscious if tourists stop to watch. Remember everything you’ve practiced but most importantly enjoy it! The most beautiful photographs happen when you feel truly happy and serene. Our Paris wedding photographer will guide you every steps of the way with his advices and good humor. You are going to make your girl friends back home so jealous when you show them all those beautiful wedding photographs taken in Paris with your love one.

We hope all this advice helps you to prepare for your moment in the spotlight, and become a natural under the lens! For more advice on your destination wedding check out our other blog posts, and Olivier’s amazing wedding photography!